Linde connect Functions

The requirements of a fleet management system are often very specific: Every business offers a different working environment for the industrial trucks in a fleet. Accordingly, you can combine the individual function modules of Linde connect to form one system that optimally meets your individual requirements.


With connect:acoperators control access to your fleet: Who is currently at the wheel of which forklift truck? connect:ac provides the foundation for the planned fleet deployment.

access control – The Electronic Key

access control – The Electronic Key

With connect:ac you control access to your fleet: The application enables the unlocking of forklift trucks using PIN or RFID, the assignment of drivers and forklift trucks, as well as the administration of authorizations (such as driver's license and eye test).

  • Unauthorized use of forklift trucks no longer possible
  • Access can be regulated by person, period of validity, driving authorization, and forklift truck
  • Evidence of forklift truck use possible at all times
  • Driver-specific forklift truck settings, such as reduction of speed
  • Lost keys no longer possible
  • More conscious driver behavior with the forklift trucks
  • Contactless identification via RFID transponder or PIN procedure using a keypad
  • Also available for retrofitting
Pre-Op-Check App II – Pre-Shift Check via App

Pre-Op-Check App II – Pre-Shift Check via App

The app for smartphone or tablet enables a safe and simple forklift truck check to be carried out before each use. Deficiencies can be immediately documented by photo and sent to the fleet manager. The forklift truck can only then be started when the check is complete and the forklift truck is ready to use.

  • 操作安全性高,因為 只有在完成預換班檢查後才能啟動叉車
  • 通過具有即時附加價值的應用程序進行簡化的換班前檢查
  • 定期查詢叉車狀況
  • 測試結果數字化節省紙張
  • 實時自動發送電子郵件報告
  • 叉車損壞或異常的照片文檔
  • 車隊經理 可自由定義問題
  • 所有已定義問題和答案的文檔
  • 適用於所有移動Android設備的應用程序
  • 也可用於改裝
Checklist Configurator for the Pre-Op Check App

Checklist Configurator for the Pre-Op Check App

The questions for the connect: pre-op check app are created using the connect:ac pre-op check Checklist Configurator. The Checklist Configurator enables a fleet manager to create a list of questions for the vehicle check. The fleet manager can ask any question in different languages that can be answered either YES or NO. The effects of the answers to each question must also be defined: continue to the next question, release the vehicle, take a photo, or lock the vehicle.

If the pre-op check has completely or partially failed, a report is sent to the fleet manager. The questions and answers are listed in the report in the language of the respective driver and fleet manager.

Here you can receive access data for the connect: Checklist Configurator


connect:dt documents the use of the fleet forklift trucks: Was a forklift truck being used a lot, or was it often not in use? Were there any accidents? Is the forklift truck functional?

crash detection—The Electronic Damage Monitor

crash detection—The Electronic Damage Monitor

Was there an accident? Is part of the company site uneven? Is a driver driving without care? connect:dt crash detection records the time and severity of heavy shocks which could lead to forklift truck damage.

  • Identification of danger points or floor damage on the company site
  • Intentional misuse or irresponsible driving can be attributed to individual drivers
  • Reduction of damage due to improper use
  • Reduction of repair costs
  • Early detection of forklift truck damage
  • Automatic speed reduction of the forklift truck can be set
  • Recording threshold can be set individually
  • Determination of driver in the event of accidents or building damage
  • More conscious driver behavior with the forklift trucks
  • Improved safety on the company site
  • Also available for retrofitting
operating hours – The Digital Driving Logbook

operating hours – The Digital Driving Logbook

Is a forklift truck rarely used? Will it soon exceed the operating hours agreed upon with the leasing partners? With connect:dt operating hours, fleet managers can regularly determine the deployment duration of your forklift trucks.

  • Automatic collection and transmission of the operating hours
  • Read-out interval can be set individually
  • No expense for manual recording of the operating hours
  • No disruption of operational processes
  • More transparency
  • Improved operational planning and optimized fleet utilization
  • Better scheduling of service intervals
  • Avoiding unnecessary forklift truck down time
  • Early identification of bottlenecks
  • Warning if hours are exceeded
  • Reduced overuse of the forklift trucks
  • Reports possible for individual forklift trucks
  • Data transfer via mobile telecommunication network, no additional infrastructure
  • Also available for retrofitting
trouble codes - Automated Error Transmission from the Forklift Truck

trouble codes - Automated Error Transmission from the Forklift Truck

Does a wearing part need to be replaced? Should a forklift truck be taken out of operation as a precaution? connect:dt trouble codes provides qualified information on errors on the forklift truck, even those which will not immediately limit performance.

  • Early detection of malfunctions or damage
  • Enables preventative servicing
  • Reduces forklift truck down time
  • Improved availability of the forklift trucks
  • Optimizes service processes with reduced repair time
  • Transparency with error sources
  • Automatic information possible from the service organization
  • Automated e-mail reports
  • Also available for retrofitting


With connect:an fleet managers analyze and monitor the performance of their fleet: How often does a forklift truck drive or lift? How much energy is it using?

usage analysis – The Digital Use-of-Potential Analysis

usage analysis – The Digital Use-of-Potential Analysis

How is the forklift truck’s usage time divided between driving and lifting? Does the use conform to the forklift truck’s performance profile? connect:an usage analysis provides details on how well the capacity of the forklift truck and the entire fleet is being used.

  • Overview of forklift truck availability
  • Shows the actual fleet performance
  • Easy identification of insufficiently utilized forklift trucks
  • Displays potential for improvement within the fleet
  • Reduces new acquisitions or the use of replacement forklift trucks
  • Transparency of fleet utilization
  • Enables conclusions to be drawn on the behavior of individual drivers
  • Data transfer possible using various communications technologies

battery management – Digital Battery Maintenance

Is the battery being serviced properly? Are batteries frequently being charged too early or too late? connect:an battery management assesses the battery’s status and detects possible operating errors using recorded parameters.

  • Prevention of damage and loss of performance through erroneous loading or maintenance
  • Increase in forklift truck availability
  • Prevention of unnecessary maintenance or replacement costs
  • Battery parameters are transparent at a glance
  • Notification when limits are reached
  • Energy consumption clearly quantifiable
  • Operating errors can be attributed to drivers
  • Identification of rarely used or overused batteries
  • Makes drivers more aware of energy management

Fleet Management

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